ISCS inicia operações no Brasil

ISCS begins operations in Brazil.
American Consulting Shows Earning Potential with Supply Chain.

Créditos: ISCS

By Cristiano F. Vallejo

The ISCS, American consulting company for Supply Chain landed in Brazil with a series of workshops on Indirect Costs, Strategic Procurement and Demand Planning (S & OP), in events held on days 10, 11 and 12 November in São Paulo. Attended by professionals from different companies: Blue, General Motors, L’Oreal, Natura, Banco Safra, Rexel, ECCOS, FOX and INESUP.

The workshops were conducted by the President and founder of ISCS, Frank Wilhelm, who brought the case studies generated through consultancies provided to real customers in the USA, the participants were able to analyze the findings and suggest recommendations to clients as if they were the project consultants. The surprise came from the values wasted by companies, often without realizing it. About 50% of purchases of indirect materials remain unused for 12 months from the purchase. “This pattern is replicated in both the United States and in Europe,” says Wilhelm.

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According Isac Nogueira, the LevelGroup, “was an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and update regarding the methodologies used in the United States.” Sidcley Capella, Natura, stressed that the “opportunity to conduct joint work with professionals from other companies and content presented are the high points of the meeting.” The New Manager of Rexel / Nortel business, Álvaro Luccas, liked what he saw, “the participation of the guests was amazing.”The is already established in Brazil and have some potential projects on the horizon in the Oil & Gas sector.